No. 4 Article 4/April 18, 2008

Leverage 2.7 Insecticide Has Been Registered for Use on Soybeans

Bayer CropSciences announced the recent registration of Leverage 2.7 Insecticide for control of several insect pests of soybeans. The active ingredients of Leverage are imidacloprid, a nicotinoid that is also the active ingredient in Gaucho seed treatment, and cyfluthrin, a pyrethroid that is also the active ingredient in Baythroid XL. The use rate for control of most insects in soybeans is 3.8 fluid ounces per acre (3 to 3.8 fl oz/A for leafhoppers). Among the insects listed on the label are aphids, bean leaf beetle, grasshoppers, green cloverworm, Japanese beetle adult, soybean podworm (corn earworm), stink bugs, and whiteflies. It is important to note that the preharvest interval (PHI) is 45 days. Soybean producers will have to consider potential harvest dates before deciding to use this product to control insects attacking soybeans in August. The product also is labeled for control of insect pests of some vegetables and fruits as well as some other crops.--Kevin Steffey

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