No. 1 Article 1/March 21, 2008

First Issue for 2008

Rather than write my typical introductory article for the year, I'll state simply that if you are a return reader, welcome back. If you are a new reader, we hope you find the information presented in the Bulletin helpful, informative, and occasionally provocative, and we hope you become a return reader. Throughout the year, we will do our best to keep you apprised of the pest situation and developing pest management issues in Illinois and the Midwest.

In future issues, look for discussion of one or more online surveys intended to assess your level of satisfaction with and use of our newsletter. To keep up with the rapid changes and technological developments in agriculture, we likely will instigate an evolution of the Bulletin, and your honest feedback will be essential for our making any substantive changes. We hope to ensure that you rely on the Bulletin as an objective source of information and an important educational resource.

We University of Illinois Extension specialists and educators hope that you have a terrific crop season in 2008.--Kevin Steffey

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