No. 13 Article 6/June 22, 2007

Soybean Aphids Still Relatively Few in Illinois

Based on our weekly surveys (which we initiated during the week of June 11) and reports we have received from several of you, numbers of soybean aphids in northern Illinois soybean fields are still small. This is not terribly surprising given the high temperatures that prevailed over the past couple of weeks. However, the presence of soybean aphids in soybean fields clearly indicates that continual vigilance is necessary, especially if temperatures decline into the 80s, as they have over the past few days in some areas. Populations of soybean aphids can "explode" under such conditions, with a population doubling time of 3 to 4 days. Although the densities of soybean aphids in all reports we have received have been fewer than 10 aphids per plant, the situation could change quickly.--Kevin Steffey

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