No. 2 Article 9/April 6, 2007

Publications on Using Site of Action to Prevent Resistance to Fungicides, Herbicides, and Insecticides

Three University of Illinois Extension bulletins--Utilizing Herbicide Site of Action to Combat Weed Resistance to Herbicides, Utilizing Insecticide Mode of Action to Combat Insect Resistance to Insecticides, and Utilizing Fungicide Site of Action to Combat Resistance--are now available for purchase. These publications establish a color-coded site-of-action classification system based on the various sites of action.

The bulletins are intended to enhance growers' ability to rotate pesticides based on site of action to slow development of resistant biotypes. The front cover explains the importance of using a site-of-action classification scheme for resistance management. The inner table separates pesticides by site of action into "primary" colors. For example, herbicide chemical families sharing a particular site of action are coded in shades of the respective site-of-action family "primary" color. Each bulletin also includes common and trade names of pesticides used in agronomic production systems in the Midwest. Information on the back page varies among bulletins. The herbicide publication presents corn and soybean herbicide premixes, with individual premix components coded with the appropriate color based on their respective site of action. The insecticide and fungicide publications go into detail on how the different sites/modes of action work.

The publications can be purchased for $2 each, or you can order one of each (insecticide, herbicide, and fungicide) for $5. For orders of 25 or more, the publications are $1 each plus the cost of shipping. Please contact Kris Ritter at or call 217-333-4424 to place an order.--Dawn Nordby

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