No. 2 Article 8/April 6, 2007

Controlling Existing Vegetation Prior to Planting

The recent stint of warm weather has spurred the growth of many winter annual (and even some summer annual) weed species. Henbit and purple deadnettle are in flower across many regions, and several mustard species will soon add splashes of white and yellow to the landscape. Chickweed growth in no-till, wheat, and seedling alfalfa fields has accelerated during the past two weeks. Existing weed vegetation present in no-till fields is frequently denser today compared with 10 years ago, which could be attributable to one or more factors. Whatever your plans for cropping practices in 2007, it is best to control existing weed vegetation before planting corn or soybean. A few thoughts related to preplant weed control tactics follow:

--Aaron Hager

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