No. 2 Article 1/April 6, 2007

Handbook of Forage and Rangeland Insects Available Through APS Press

The Entomological Society of America recently published the Handbook of Forage and Rangeland Insects, edited by William O. Lamp, Richard C. Berberet, Leon G. Higley, and Craig R. Baird. The handbook editors and authors are internationally recognized experts in management of forage and rangeland insects. The handbook has copious photographs, illustrations, and references to support each section. Both the major, widespread insect pests (e.g., aphids, alfalfa weevil, armyworms, potato leafhopper) and those less frequently talked about (e.g., alfalfa blotch leafminer, plant bugs, stink bugs) are discussed in detail--description, life cycle, ecology, injury, management, and selected references. Some of our favorite multiple-crop insect pests are addressed thoroughly--blister beetles, chinch bug, crane flies, grasshoppers, and white grubs (including Japanese beetle). Also included are sections about forage and rangeland production, integrated pest management, insect identification, and beneficial organisms (parasitoids, predators, entomopathogens, pollinators). A thorough and interesting discussion about biological control of weeds with insects concludes the text.

I recommend this handbook as a fundamental resource for anyone who grows, scouts, or services alfalfa and/or forage and rangeland grasses. It is available from APS Press. The 180-page soft-cover publication is currently on sale for $59. Other books about managing insect pests in field crops (e.g., corn, soybeans) and stored products are available from APS Press.

You might also want to check out the Plant Management Network (PMN), whose tag line is "Fast, Easy, Applied Solutions in Agriculture." Ready access to multiple, current resources is available from this site. Upgrade your reference library with the handbook for your bookshelf and PMN in your electronic files.--Kevin Steffey

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