No. 23 Article 6/October 6, 2006

Regional Reports

Northern Illinois

Limited harvest occurred prior to the week of September 24, with the exception of corn silage. Cornstalk quality is an issue in some fields due to anthracnose stalk rot. In addition, corn has been slow to dry down to more optimal moisture levels. Soybean harvest is about 15% complete, with reported yields from 45 to 65 bushels per acre. Corn harvest is about 10% complete, with early harvest focusing on fields with stalk rot.

Rainfall and high winds occurred on October 2, with reports of 2 to 4 inches in the northeast area of the region, 1.5 inches in Ogle County, and less than 1.0 inch in Lee County. As of October 4, no killing frost has occurred. Rainfall during September has contributed to pasture regrowth.

West-Central Illinois

Harvest is in full swing around the region. Some growers are done with corn in the Quincy area, while in the northern stretches of the region, corn harvest was slowed by high soil moisture. Many farmers switched to soybean this week with the warmer temperatures. Growers are also beginning to seed wheat as we approach the Hessian fly-free date.

Corn yield appears to be inconsistent and all over the place. Rainfall and soil type appear to have played big roles in yield this year, with a range from 25 up to 230 bushels per acre, depending on the timing and amount of rainfall. Exceptional rootworm injury and corn borer injury also probably impacted yields in some counties. Soybean yields are just coming in and appear average to good, with reports ranging from 50 to 65 bushels per acre.

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