No. 23 Article 5/October 6, 2006

Call Reissued for N Rate Volunteers

I wrote in the September issue of the Bulletin about needing more cooperators in research on nitrogen rate trials, with N applied in replicated strips. We are interested in having trials with fall-applied N and others with spring-applied N, depending on which practice cooperators are using. There are five N rates--0, 50, 100, 150, and 200--with three reps (strips) of each rate, randomized within three blocks, for a total of 15 strips. Strips with N applied before planting (fall or spring) will have to be in the same direction as the rows will be planted, of course, with reasonable assurance that strips where yield will be taken are fertilized uniformly with the correct N rate. Autosteer might help, but it is not required.

Additional N, for example that in DAP or MAP, can be used, meaning that the lowest rate might be 20 to 30 lb of N instead of zero. We would like to get 25 or more of these trials in corn following corn, and the rest in corn following soybean. Fields should not be ones where manure has been applied in the past 10 years.

Cooperators will be paid a small stipend to compensate for lower yields in low-N strips. If you or someone you work with has interest in conducting one of these trials, please contact me by e-mail ( or phone (217-333-4424). --Emerson Nafziger

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