No. 12 Article 10/June 16, 2006

WeedSOFT Yield Loss and Tank Mix Calculators Now Available on the Web

Two new weed management tools are available for use on the Web. The first is the WeedSOFT yield loss calculator, designed to estimate the yield loss from emerged weeds in corn or soybeans. This could represent weeds being controlled either in a total post program or in a respray or second-flush situation. Just select your state, enter a few pieces of information about the crop and weeds, and then click the calculate yield loss button. In these postemergence scenarios, the calculator will estimate the yield loss from early-season weed competition (yield loss up to that stage of growth), the loss if weeds are not controlled until the next growth stage, and total loss for the season if these weeds were not controlled. In addition to the estimated yield loss in bushels per acre, the dollar loss per acre is presented.

The second tool is the WeedSOFT Tank Mix Calculator. This tool has two great features. First, it calculates herbicide and adjuvant quantities that are needed to mix loads based on your spray volume (GPA), tank size, and the herbicide rates you enter. Second, it creates a printable load ticket that can double as a record-keeping form. It also has U.S. EPA registration numbers for a large number of herbicides, which are automatically loaded when you select your herbicide.

Both tools work rapidly over the Internet, even with dial-up service. Please check both of them out at These tools are just two parts of the complete WeedSOFT software program, which provides a more complete analysis of herbicide management options and economic returns in corn and soybeans. The WeedSOFT software is available for $50 to purchase and can be updated yearly for $40. If you are not familiar with WeedSOFT, this program is a decision support system (DSS) designed to assist growers, consultants, and Extension agents in making both proactive and reactive weed management decisions. WeedSOFT provides you with the treatment information you need according to your specific field conditions while factoring in economic and environmental principles. If you are interested in learning more about the full software program or online ordering, visit the WeedSOFT home page at Both of the aforementioned tools can also be accessed from the top banner of the home page.--Dawn Nordby and Aaron Hager

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