No. 6 Article 10/May 5, 2006

Winter Wheat Disease Update

Virus problems continue to be reported in wheat this season, with barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) and wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV) being the main players. Jim Donnelly of Crop Specialists in Walnut, Illinois, reports significant WSMV in the north. Jim indicates that wheat curl mites, the vector of the disease, are readily evident within the leaf whorls. (Thanks for the good scouting, Jim.)

Wheat streak mosaic virus symptoms in winter wheat in northern Illinois (J. Donnelly, photographer).

BYDV is also rearing up in some areas. Dennis Epplin, Extension crop systems educator in Mt. Vernon, has observed some significant BYDV in area wheat. Please refer to a prior article in the Bulletin this season for further discussion on winter wheat viruses (issue no. 3, April 14, 2006). Keep scouting wheat during this key time.

Reddish leaves symptomatic of BYDV infection (D. Epplin, photographer).

--Suzanne Bissonnette

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