No. 3 Article 6/April 14, 2006

Section 18 Label Granted for the Fungicide Folicur to Control Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) on Wheat in Illinois in 2006

A Section 18 label was granted by the U.S. EPA on April 5, 2006, for use of the foliar fungicide Folicur to manage Fusarium head blight (scab) on wheat in Illinois. The fungicide Folicur 3.6F (tebuconazole) is manufactured by Bayer Crop Science. Applicators must have the Section 18 label (Adobe PDF) in their possession at the time of pesticide application. All application directions, restrictions, and precautions on the EPA-registered Section 18 product label must be followed.

This product can be used in Illinois only up to June 20, 2006. One application may be made per year using ground or aerial equipment at a rate of 4 fluid ounces of formulated product per acre. Application may not be made within 30 days of harvest. Straw cut after harvest may be used for feed or bedding. Timely application is critical. For Folicur to effectively manage scab and reduce the mycotoxin DON in grain, the product must be applied after full head emergence and into the beginning of flowering. Applications made prior to full head emergence and after flowering is complete will not achieve satisfactory control of scab and DON.--Suzanne Bissonnette

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