No. 2 Article 3/April 7, 2006

The Plant Management Network Is Worth Checking Out

Several years ago, the American Phytopathological Society embarked on an innovative approach for sharing scientifically sound information about plant health by creating an on-line journal, Plant Health Progress. Since then, the venture has grown into something far more substantial, now called the Plant Management Network. The network now includes four peer-reviewed journals--Applied Turfgrass Sciences, Crop Management, Forage and Grazinglands, and Plant Health Progress. From the site's "About Us" page: "The Plant Management Network is a unique cooperative resource for the applied plant sciences. Designed to provide plant science practitioners fast electronic access to proven solutions, the Plant Management Network offers an extensive searchable database comprised of thousands of web-based resource pages from the network's partner universities, companies, and associations."

Why mention this site? If you are interested in obtaining results from applied research efforts, research that may apply directly to your concerns, you often can find the information you seek at the Plant Management Network. Personal subscriptions are only $45 a year, and member personal subscriptions $38 a year. The Plant Management Network includes a large number of partner organizations, including universities (e.g., the University of Illinois College of ACES), ag industry companies, and nonprofit organizations (e.g., the Entomological Society of America). So check out the Plant Management Network for information that may help your business.--Kevin Steffey

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