No. 2 Article 2/April 7, 2006

Videos from the 2006 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference Now Viewable from Our Web Site

At the 2006 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference, we contracted with specialists from Information Technology and Communications Services (ITCS, College of ACES) to record the presenters and capture their PowerPoint presentations. All but three presenters gave their permission for recording.

After the conference, the ITCS specialists compiled, edited, and synchronized the presentations so we could make them available for viewing from our Web site. Because this was an experiment, we have decided to make the 2006 conference videos available to everyone free of charge. We will record the presentations at the 2007 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference and make them available free of charge to everyone who registers for the conference (as an added value), but we will charge a fee for nonattenders.

To view any of the 28 videos, please visit this web page. The videos are grouped by session or symposium; each session or symposium includes one or more videos:

As indicated at the Web site, the QuickTime Version 7 player must be installed on your computer to view these videos. We have included a link to enable users to download the free QuickTime software from Apple Computer (for both Macs and PCs).

On behalf of everyone involved with the conference, I thank Paul Hixson, Steve Parker, John Tubbs, and the other ITCS specialists for their exceptional efforts to help us make these videos available to the public. Also thanks to our IPM webmaster for creating the pages from which the videos can be viewed.

If you view one or more of the videos, let us know what you think--not about the content, but rather about the idea. Viewing the videos may not be the same as being at the conference, but at least you have the opportunity to see the speakers and hear what they had to say.--Kevin Steffey

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