No. 2 Article 1/April 7, 2006

Still Looking for N Rate Cooperators

While our appeals last fall and winter have been fruitful, we are still looking for more cooperators to take part in the on-farm nitrogen rate trials we described last fall in the Bulletin. There is funding for this project from the Fertilizer Research and Education Council (FREC), which administers fertilizer checkoff funds under the Illinois Department of Agriculture. These funds will be used to provide a modest payment to cooperators to help make up for yield lost with low N rates.

Because of our late start in asking this year, we expect that most trials will use sidedressed N this spring. The trials will be done using farmer equipment and will consist of 15 strips--five N rates and three reps. Strips will typically be 12 to 16 rows wide and 500 to 1,000 feet long, so the area required is only about 5 to 15 acres. Yields can be taken using yield monitors or weigh wagons. We'd like the part of the field where the trial is done to be fairly uniform, and we need locations both where corn follows corn and where corn follows soybean.

If you have volunteered to do one of these studies, we would like to get information on the field, including soil type and previous crop and location, so we can follow up with the order of treatment and other information. Dr. Howard Brown with Growmark is working with me on this project, and information and questions can be directed to me (217-333-9658; or to him (309-557-6250). We will send you a simple one-page form or can take down the essential information by phone if that works better for you.--Emerson Nafziger

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