No. 23 Article 7/October 7, 2005

Syngenta Has Indicated a Mistake in the Rate of Cruiser Extreme-Treated Seeds in University of Illinois Corn Rootworm Trials in 2005

We recently were informed by representatives of Syngenta that they erred when ordering the Cruiser Extreme-treated seed to be used in our standard corn rootworm control products efficacy trials in 2005. Instead of sending us seed treated with 1.25 milligrams of thiamethoxam (active ingredient of Cruiser) per kernel, they sent us seed treated with 0.25 milligram of thiamethoxam per kernel. The rootworm-control rate is 1.25 milligrams of thiamethoxam per kernel. Consequently, the seed planted in our trials was not seed treated with the rootworm-control rate. We were not informed about this mistake until after our results from the trials in DeKalb and Urbana were published in issue no. 22 (September 2, 2005) of the Bulletin. The rate of thiamethoxam on Cruiser Extreme-treated seed planted in Monmouth has been corrected in Table 3. Please note this error when you review and interpret the data we have published.--Kevin Steffey, Mike Gray, and Ron Estes

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