No. 22 Article 5/September 2, 2005

Regional Reports

Extension center educators, unit educators, and unit assistants in northern, west-central, east-central, and southern Illinois prepare regional reports to provide more localized insight into pest situations and crop conditions in Illinois. The reports will keep you up to date on situations in field and forage crops as they develop throughout the season. The regions have been defined broadly to include the agricultural statistics districts as designated by the Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service, with slight modifications:

We hope these reports will provide additional benefits for staying current as the season progresses.

Southern Illinois

A few weeks have passed, and many things have changed. Probably more rain has fallen in southern Illinois in the last 3 weeks than fell in the previous 3 months. Most locations have adequate to surplus moisture.

Corn is nearing or at physiological maturity. Cornstalk integrity seems to be an issue in some fields. Surveys indicate near-average numbers in the range of 100 to 130 bushels per acre for several southeastern Illinois counties. Very limited harvest has started.

Regular crop soybeans are R6 to R7. Rain has helped grain fill. Double-cropped soybeans are setting pods and growing well. Have a safe harvest!

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