No. 13 Article 7/June 17, 2005

Insect Trapping Results from Ron Hines

Ron Hines, senior research specialist at the Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, provides an updated report of captures of insect pests in various traps in southern Illinois at Some of his comments on June 14 follow.

"The southwestern corn borer (SWCB) moth flight appeared to peak last week at all trap locations. Pin hole feeding should appear in the whorl of area corn fields in about a week, if the eggs and larvae survived the two inch rain this past weekend. Within two weeks, 3rd instar larvae will start boring into stalks where they can not be controlled. The heaviest moth captures occurred in the Massac and Pulaski County traps.

"Japanese beetle adult emergence appears to be 'off to the races' at all trap sites. The St. Clair and Pulaski County trap sites had their first captures this past week. The heaviest emergence so far has occurred in Pope County. The daily capture in that trap is now above 100 beetles."

So we can add Japanese beetles to the list of insects to watch for in corn and soybeans throughout Illinois over the next few weeks. These insects can threaten corn pollination and defoliate soybeans, so we'll have to watch for them in both crops.--Kevin Steffey

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