No. 1 Article 3/March 18, 2004

Hines Captures the First Black Cutworm Moth of 2004

Once again, Ron Hines gets the prize for capturing the first black cutworm moth of the year. Ron, a senior research specialist at the University of Illinois Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, monitors flights of various species of moths throughout the year. His deep-southern location gives him an advantage for capturing the first of several species, including the black cutworm, so his prize in 2004 will be the same as in 2003: Thanks, Ron!

Ron captured one black cutworm moth in Pope County on March 9 when a warm front passed through his area. He also has black cutworm pheromone traps (and other traps) in Jefferson, Massac, Pulaski, and St. Clair counties this year, an expanded network from previous years. As always, the details can be found on "The Hines Report" at Throughout the season, you will be able to review weekly updates of captures of armyworms, black cutworms, corn earworms, European and southwestern corn borers, fall armyworms, and Japanese beetles.--Kevin Steffey

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