No. 3 Article 5/April 9, 2004

Announcements on New Insecticides

Early in 2004, AMVAC Chemical Corporation entered into an agreement with Syngenta Crop Protection to supply Force 3G corn soil insecticide for use through AMVAC's SmartBox systems beginning this year. Most of you know that AMVAC also supplies Aztec 4.67G and Fortress 5G through the SmartBox system, a closed handling system that makes application of granular insecticides more precise and reduces applicator exposure. Force 3G in the SmartBox will be available in limited quantities in 2004 and will be sold through select distribution channels by AMVAC.

We just received word from Dow AgroSciences that gamma cyhalothrin has received federal registration for use on a number of field, vegetable, tree, and vine crops. State agencies currently are reviewing the submission package, so the product is not yet available for use in Illinois. However, Dow AgroSciences expects state registrations soon. The trade name for the product containing gamma cyhalothrin for use on field crops will be Proaxis. This new generation pyrethroid will have the lowest overall rate range of any currently U.S.-registered pyrethroid. Over the past few years, we have included Proaxis in several of our insecticide efficacy trials, and its performance has been excellent. In the near future, we will provide more information (e.g., crops, use rates) about Proaxis in the Bulletin.--Kevin Steffey

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