No. 7 Article 4/May 6, 2005

Update on Black Cutworm Trap Catches

Unlike past years, moth activity has been very low this year. Few black cutworm moths have been caught in traps across the state. Some areas have seen a couple of days with consecutive moth catches, but to date, only three counties have reported a significant moth flight. Back in mid-April, nine moths were caught over a 2-day span in a trap on the Mason/Tazewell line. Just this week, Ron Hines reported significant moth flights in both Massac and St. Clair counties on April 26 and 27.

Remember that a significant moth flight is nine or more moths caught over a 2-day span. Once this biofix is reached, we can use degree-days to determine when black cutworm larvae may be cutting corn plants in the area. For a list of potential cutting dates in these areas, refer to Table 1. One caution--although the number of intense captures have been very low, the risk of black cutworm injury is not diminished. So don't forget to scout those cornfields for black cutworm feeding.

On another note, Ron captured his first corn earworm of the season this past week at the Pulaski County trap site. As warm weather and southerly winds increase, we would expect corn earworm and true armyworm moth flights to increase.--Kelly Cook

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