No. 4 Article 4/April 15, 2005

A Little Clarification About Practicing Safe S.E.X. in 2005

I received feedback from readers who questioned some of the comments I made in the article "Practice Safe S.E.X. (Sensible, Erudite [use of] Xenobiotics) in 2005," published in issue no. 1, March 16, 2005, of the Bulletin. I appreciate the feedback, which prompted me to offer some clarification.

Specifically, a couple of readers challenged the following two statements:

My clarifications for these statements are relatively simple:

A great resource for insecticide resistance information is the Web site for the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC). You can spend quite a bit of time browsing through some very interesting and helpful information. I encourage everyone to learn more about insecticide resistance and its management. Following insecticide resistance management strategies (regardless of the insecticide used, and including transgenic Bt crops) would benefit all of us. As the title of one IRAC publication states, "Resistance Is Everyone's Problem."--Kevin Steffey

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