No. 3 Article 1/April 8, 2005

Proceedings of the 1999-2005 Crop Protection Technology Conference Available Online

The proceedings from seven University of Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conferences are now available online at the IPM Web site. These proceedings include all of the papers written to support presentations at the Crop Protection Technology Conferences held annually on campus at the University of Illinois. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you will be able to download it from our site. Although the proceedings currently are not searchable by key words or phrases, the tables of contents in each issue provide titles and page numbers so you can find a subject of interest relatively easily. We have hopes for providing proceedings from this conference and its predecessors--Illinois Agricultural Pesticides Conference (1987-1998) and Illinois Custom Spray Operators Training School (1949-1986)--online in the future. However, such an effort will require considerable time and resources.

The most recent proceedings (Adobe PDF) include papers on many topics, including a selected few that may have relevance during the 2005 growing season:

We hope that the most recent proceedings provide timely information that you can use for your benefit in 2005 and beyond. And past proceedings provide historical perspective and references for issues that are still relevant today.--Kevin Steffey

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