No. 2 Article 1/April 1, 2005


Even though we make every effort to carefully check the tables we produce for the Bulletin, sometimes mistakes do find their way into the final copy. Such an error occurred in Table 4 (Glyphosate formulation comparisons) of issue 1 of the Bulletin (March 18, 2005). Glyphomax XRT is referenced to contain 4 lb active ingredient/3 lb acid equivalent per gallon, which is incorrect. The correct information for Glyphomax XRT is that the formulation contains 5.4 lb active ingredient/4 lb acid equivalent per gallon and applying 24 fl oz provides 0.75 lb acid equivalent per acre.

Please accept my apology for this mistake. I am the first to admit that I am the perfect example of imperfection.--Aaron Hager

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