No. 2 Article 10/April 1, 2004

Early-Season Weed Identification References

There are very few weed identification sources that focus on early-season weeds. One of these, A Pocket Identification Guide of Early-Season Weed Species, is available from Extension specialists at the University of Illinois. This little flipbook contains color images from various growth stages and describes key characteristics for identification of 19 weed species, such as purple deadnettle, henbit, cressleaf groundsel, and buttercup. The pocket guide is available for $3 (plus shipping and handling) and can be ordered by clicking on "Pocket Identification Guide to Early-Season Weed Species" at and filling out the form.

Early Spring Weeds of No-Till Crop Production, a North Central Region publication, focuses on identifying and managing vegetation commonly found in no-till fields. It is an excellent guide to help identify those hard-to-identify weed problems in no-till fields, such as winter annuals and biennials. The 22-page guide contains more than 130 color photographs of both vegetative and reproductive stages of 45 weeds common to field crops across much of the Midwest. It also contains a taxonomic key to aid in identification and a table listing the sensitivity of various species to selected herbicides. The guide is available from University of Missouri, Extension Publications, 2800 Maguire Road, Columbia, MO 65211-0001 (573-882-7216). Cost of this publication is $3 (plus shipping and handling).--Dawn Nordby and Aaron Hager

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