No. 25 Article 2/December 3, 2004

More About the Corn Rootworm Management Distance Education Workshop

In last month's issue of the Bulletin (issue no. 24, November 5, 2004), we wrote about a corn rootworm management workshop that we will deliver via distance education technology. We have lined up the presenters, and plans for the program are taking shape. The presenters will be

Sue Ratcliffe, facilitator for the North Central IPM Center, has contacted IPM coordinators throughout the north-central region, as well as a few in other states, alerting them about the program, which will be delivered on February 4 and 11, 2005. State contacts will work with extension personnel in their respective states to make certain that all interested parties have an opportunity to participate. The programs, delivered on two consecutive Fridays, will differ in content, so plan to participate in both. The February 4 workshop will focus on rootworm situation reports and insecticide efficacy trials conducted in 2004. The February 11 workshop will focus on several issues, including but not limited to these:

During the next few weeks, watch for announcements about these workshops. Given the corn rootworm management issues that occurred in 2005 and the ever-changing challenges posed by corn rootworms, you won't want to miss this unique opportunity to interact with experts from throughout the Midwest. If you have any questions about the workshops, don't hesitate to contact one of us.--Kevin Steffey and Mike Gray

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