No. 2 Article 8/April 1, 2004

Announcing the New Field Crop Scouting Manual

The new edition of the Field Crop Scouting Manual is on the shelf, ready for you to order. The manual is appropriate for field crop scouting across the Midwest. This fifth edition has 10% more content than the prior edition and 30% more color. Each chapter has been revised and updated to give you the most current information on scouting for significant pests in Illinois and the Midwest, thanks to our University of Illinois Extension specialists and educators and the ITCS publishing staff. The printed manual is $55 and the CD is $55, or order both for $99. Order "Field Crop Scouting Manual x880d" online at (directly at; call 800-345-6087; or return the order form on page 23. Interested in a bulk order? Call Ken McPheeters at (217)244-5186 for a special price.--Suzanne Bissonnette

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