No. 2 Article 7/April 1, 2004

North Central Branch Meeting, Entomological Society of America

Among many entomologists in the Midwest, one of the year's most highly anticipated events is the annual meeting of the North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of America (ESA). The 2004 meeting was just held in Kansas City, Missouri, March 28 through 31. Illinois' own Dr. Rob Wiedenmann, a biological control research specialist with the Illinois Natural History Survey, is this year's president.

Mike Gray, Kelly Cook, and I (regular contributors to the Bulletin) had to write our articles for issue no. 2 of the Bulletin during the week of March 22, well in advance of the March 31 deadline, because we all attended the meeting, along with our students, Sue Ratcliffe and Ron Estes. We learned quite a bit about insect pests of field crops that we should be able to use throughout the growing season.

Presentations about the following insect pests and insect management topics were made by research and extension entomologists at the meeting: bean leaf beetle, biological control, Bt corn (including resistance management and effects on nontarget organisms), corn earworm, European corn borer, insecticidal seed treatments, Japanese beetle, multicolored Asian lady beetle, potato leafhopper, soybean aphid, and western corn rootworm (variant and otherwise). Symposia presented included the following:

We always learn a great deal from both the formal presentations and informal hallway conversations, and we intend to share what we have learned with you, with hopes of enhancing insect management strategies in Illinois.--Kevin Steffey

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