No. 22 Article 4/September 2, 2004

Western Corn Rootworm Scouting Report Form

As we've learned this past summer, corn rootworm injury in first-year cornfields has continued to be noticed in new areas of the state and has been found west of the Illinois River. Similar reports of injury were received from producers in northwest and south-central Illinois. With the movement and spread of the variant western corn rootworm, a lot of interest was shown in monitoring for western corn rootworm beetles in soybean fields with yellow sticky traps. Monitoring soybean fields from the last week in July through the third week in August using yellow sticky traps can help growers make informed decisions concerning the need for rootworm control products in the following year's cornfield. A detailed description of using yellow sticky traps as a scouting tool in soybean fields can be found in the Western Corn Rootworm Factsheet.

If you have been monitoring your soybean fields for corn rootworms, we would be interested in your findings. Growers who have been using yellow sticky traps in their soybean fields can once again submit their trap counts online using the Western Corn Rootworm Scouting Form. As we continue to monitor the spread of the variant western corn rootworm across the state, information such as this provided by growers is always useful and greatly appreciated.--Kelly Cook

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