No. 20 Article 5/August 6, 2004

24(c) Special Local Needs Label for Mustang Max

The Illinois Department of Agriculture recently approved a 24(c) Special Local Needs label for Mustang Max to control corn earworm and European corn borer in field corn and seed corn. The recommended application rates for this purpose are 2.72 to 4.0 oz per acre. The 24(c) label reduces the pre-harvest interval from 30 days to 7 days for grain and stover. The interval for forage is 60 days. Approval of FMC's application for this 24(c) label came as a result of requests from the seed corn industry. The former 30-day interval did not allow companies to control late-season infestations of corn earworm and European corn borer, which feed on developing corn kernels.

Anyone who uses Mustang Max as directed by this 24(c) supplemental label must possess a copy of the supplemental label at the time of use. You can obtain these labels from your pesticide dealer or directly from the pesticide manufacturer. Remember that these labels specifically state where, how, and for how long the product may be used.-- Kevin Steffey and Bruce Paulsrud

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