No. 18 Article 1/August 3, 2012

Mark Your Calendar for the 2012 AGMasters Conference

The 4th annual AGMasters Conference is happening Monday and Tuesday, November 26 and 27, at the I Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign, Illinois. A general session will focus on the historic drought of 2012 and potential repercussions for the 2013 growing season, after which participants will choose among 12 specialized sessions over the next 1½ days.

The 90-minute specialized sessions are limited to 40 students. Instructors are encouraged to use handouts and to engage the participants in a classroom-style atmosphere. Topics will include the effective use of preemergent herbicides, increasing our knowledge and use of precision farming techniques, setting the facts straight on pesticides, optimizing spray applications, timely use of corn fungicides, corn rootworms and Bt resistance, managing "wicked weeds," and using iRNA technology at the farm level.

I look forward to sharing more specifics about the conference, the speakers, registration costs, and deadlines as they become available. A key strength of the AGMasters conference is the diversity of speakers participating from other universities as well as from the private sector across the country. I hope you'll put a hold on these dates and join us.--Mike Gray

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