No. 9 Article 3/June 1, 2012

Screening Waterhemp for Glyphosate Resistance

A few weeks ago we provided an update on herbicide-resistant waterhemp populations in Illinois (issue 6, May 10). In 2011, the overwhelming majority of sampled plants and fields demonstrated resistance to one or more herbicides. With continued support from the Illinois Soybean Association, we can offer free screening of waterhemp populations for herbicide resistance again this growing season.

To submit samples, follow these directions:

Not every waterhemp plant that survives an application of glyphosate is resistant to it. If the following conditions all apply, however, you might suspect that a waterhemp population is indeed glyphosate resistant:

We will not charge for the screening, but please understand that we cannot promise how soon results will be available. Also, because of the way we conduct the resistance tests, a result of "sensitive" does not rule out the possibility that the plant actually is resistant, but by a mechanism different from what we are testing for. Finally, be assured that we respect the privacy of those sending samples: we will not make the exact location of any sample or name associated with them available to anyone without your permission. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pat Tranel (217-333-1531, Tranel and Aaron Hager

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