No. 8 Article 1/May 27, 2011

Time to Scout for Armyworms in Wheat

University of Illinois Extension educator Robert Bellm reported observing third- and fourth-instar armyworm larvae on May 24 in some wheat fields near Litchfield. Armyworms complete six instars. None of the fields had economic densities (6 or more nonparasitized larvae, 3/4 to 1-1/4 inches long, per linear foot of row), but now is the time to scout fields carefully and make any management decisions that may be necessary field by field. Robert indicated there was considerable variation across the fields he scouted. Earlier this year I reported that University of Kentucky entomologists had observed very heavy flights of armyworm moths this spring, so vigilant scouting is warranted in wheat and corn. Click here for more details about the life cycle, biology, and management of armyworms.--Mike Gray

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