No. 1 Article 2/March 25, 2011

Changing Times and New Opportunities

I want to let readers of the Bulletin know that this is my last article for the newsletter and to thank all of you for your support during the last two years. Starting with this first 2011 issue, Dr. Aaron Hager will take over as editor of the Bulletin. I assumed the role from Dr. Kevin Steffey in 2009, and I knew it was an important job. I made a few small changes that were well received, and I appreciated the support and helpful comments regarding those changes. I know Dr. Hager will do an exceptional job of leading the Bulletin into the future.

I have enjoyed meeting many of you through summer and winter meetings throughout the state over the last two years. I wish you well as I wrap up my final days here at the University of Illinois. I start a new opportunity as an extension weed scientist at the University of Wisconsin on April 1. Thank you, again, for your support, and I wish you all a very safe and prosperous year. Best regards.--Vince M. Davis

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