No. 25 Article 1/December 3, 2010

Reminder: 2011 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics

We take this opportunity to remind everyone about the upcoming University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics. The Classics will be held in January at seven venues across Illinois:

You can register for any of the locations by visiting our website ( Preregistrations, at a cost of $60, are accepted through December 18. Registrations received December 19 to 31 and all on-site registrations are $75. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience (800-321-1296).

All those associated with the Corn & Soybean Classics look forward to visiting with you at this year's events. If you need have questions about the program, feel free to contact me.--Aaron Hager

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