No. 24 Article 3/November 5, 2010

Topics for the 2011 Corn & Soybean Classics

On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to announce the program for the 2011 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics. Our upcoming meetings will mark the 14th iteration of the Classics, an educational program that continues the tradition of providing the most current and timely information related to crop production and pest management. All involved have worked diligently to ensure that the 2011 Classics continue to meet the needs of our clientele.

The upcoming program, with a format that emphasizes crop production, pest management, economics, and the interactions among them, will begin at 9:00 and conclude by 3:30. Market updates will be provided throughout the day, and communication among speakers and participants is encouraged. Question-and-answer sessions are scheduled for both morning and afternoon. Lunch and a proceedings booklet with synopses of all presentations are provided to each registrant.

These are the dates and locations for this year's Classics:

The following speakers will be part of each meeting (though the order of presentations may vary):

Carl Bradley--Paying for Fungicides, or Making Fungicides Pay?

Michael Gray--0%, 5%, 10%, or 20%: Stacked or Pyramided, Structured or Refuge-in-a-Bag. Perfectly Clear?

Terry Niblack--Nematodes that Attack Corn and Soybean: Situation and Management

Fabián Fernández--Improved Nitrogen Management through Source, Placement, and Timing

Aaron Hager--Revisiting the Realm of Residuals

Gary Schnitkey--Corn and Soybean Margins

Emerson Nafziger--A "Formula" for High Corn Yield?

Vince Davis--Soybean Agronomics

You can register online for the Classics at Preregistrations, at a cost of $60, are accepted through December 18. Registrations December 19 through 31 and on-site are $75. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at 800-321-1296.--Aaron Hager

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