No. 22 Article 5/September 24, 2010

Wheat Planting-Time Tips

After the "down" year in 2010, with reduced acreage and only average yields, prospects for the 2011 Illinois wheat crop are bright, with strong wheat prices and early harvest of the crops that wheat planting will follow this fall. Double-crop soybean yields will also be good in many places, adding to our optimism about wheat.

Here are some considerations as wheat planting time approaches:

While things are pointing toward a good year and a nice rebound in Illinois wheat acreage, keep in mind that, as with any other crop, timely planting into good soil conditions, while a great way to start, doesn't guarantee high yields. It does increase the chances for the crop getting to spring in good shape, so it's critical to do this well. But weather during and after heading is still the major factor in determining wheat crop yields and quality.--Emerson Nafziger

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