No. 21 Article 2/September 10, 2010

Down to the Last Soybean Scouting Trips

The speed of soybean maturity is variable this year depending on planting date and soil moisture conditions in August. I had a lot of questions about whether the rain last week came in time to save any yield for some of our soybean fields. Generally soybeans are making yield by filling seeds in the pods while they are still green, so it certainly helped in many cases. Anecdotal evidence from crop tours this year has pod numbers elevated above normal, and the general condition of soybeans is good in most areas of the state. According to the USDA NASS crop report this week, 99% are setting pods, 49% are turning yellow, and 17% are shedding leaves. The five-year average is 99% for setting pods, 31% for turning yellow, and 10% for shedding leaves, so we are ahead of those averages. With nearly half of the soybeans in the state turning yellow, we are nearing the home stretch of the bean season, and only one or two scouting trips should remain.

Consider the following notes as you finish out your soybean scouting:

Feeding damage on a mature soybean pod in a field near Urbana, September 7.

I suspect several fields of soybeans will reach maturity and begin to be harvested before the next issue of the Bulletin in two weeks, so I wish everyone a safe and plentiful harvest.--Vince M. Davis

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