No. 18 Article 2/August 6, 2010

Screening Waterhemp for Glyphosate Resistance

In the July 2 issue of the Bulletin, we announced that we would accept samples of waterhemp from Illinois for herbicide-resistance screening using molecular biology assays. Several recent inquiries suggest that interest among producers remains high. Please observe the following procedures to submit samples:

Please keep in mind the following combination of conditions that might lead you to suspect a waterhemp population of being resistant to glyphosate:

We will not charge you for the screening service, but please understand that we cannot promise how soon results will be available. We also point out that, because of the way we conduct our resistance tests, a result of "sensitive" does not rule out the possibility that the plant actually is resistant, but by a mechanism different from what we are testing for.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact either of us (, 217-333-1531;, 217-333-4424).--Pat Tranel and Aaron Hager

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