No. 13 Article 4/July 2, 2010

Soybean Aphids: No Captures Reported in Statewide Network of Suction Traps

David Voegtlin, a retired entomologist with the Illinois Natural History Survey and long-term aphid expert, reports no captures thus far of soybean aphids in the statewide network of suction traps. Samples of the trap located at Morris have not, through June 28, revealed any soybean aphids. Dave speculates that the very humid and wet summer may have favored the spread of an entomopathogenic fungal disease that suppresses densities of this insect pest. Don't misidentify potato leafhoppers for soybean aphids. Potato leafhoppers often move into soybean fields, particularly border rows, following the cutting of alfalfa. If you begin to observe soybean aphids in your fields, please let me know and I will share this observation with our readers.--Mike Gray

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