No. 14 Article 3/June 25, 2004

Miscellaneous Insect News

While European corn borers have been relatively quiet thus far in 2004, moth flights continue throughout the state. Nightly moth counts remain over 100 in a light trap monitored by Marc Rigg, with Pioneer Inc. in Mason County. Corn earworm moth flights are also on the increase. Dan Fournie of Collinsville has been catching 50 to more than 100 moths per trap per night for a few weeks; Mike Roegge of Adams County had a peak catch of 55 moths in his trap on June 15 after setting it up the day before, and he has since consistently averaged 20 moths per night. There is little to report on potato leafhoppers. Jim Morrison, at the Rockford Extension Center, has seen very few leafhoppers when scouting through alfalfa fields this past week. Armyworms have quieted down in northeastern Illinois. It seems as though the first generation is winding down. One report from Kendall County last week also noted finding diseased armyworm larvae on wheat heads and minimal leaf feeding. --Kelly Cook

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