No. 2 Article 1/April 1, 2004

A Little More Information About the Bulletin

For issue no. 1 of the Bulletin, I wrote an article describing the new look and new features associated with the Bulletin, pest management and crop development information for Illinois. I failed to indicate, however, that new features will be added to the Web site over time. We do not expect the Bulletin to remain static. Rather, the publication and its associated features will evolve over time. So, again, I invite you to offer suggestions for additional information or improvements so that we can continually enhance the manner in which we deliver information.

As I have written in past issues of the Pest Management & Crop Development Bulletin, Extension specialists in almost all other states publish weekly newsletters throughout the growing season. Although much of the information is state specific, information from other states can be highly instructive. We have referred to the articles of colleagues in nearby states many times in our own articles. So, as a service to you, we have included the URLs of other states' newsletters on the Bulletin Web site. From the home page, click on the "Resources" tab to move to the IPM Resources page. From there, you can click on the newsletter of your choice. Look for additional resources to be added in the future.--Kevin Steffey

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