No. 1 Article 1/March 26, 2010

First Issue for 2010

The first issue of the Bulletin for 2010 has arrived, set to mark the beginning of a new crop year. So far we have experienced just a couple of sunny days that have climbed above 60 degrees, but more warm weather is welcome and will be here soon. If you are a regular reader of the Bulletin, welcome back and thank you for your support. If you are a new reader, you may want to sign up for e-mail notifications or use the RSS feed feature. The RSS feed, if you are unfamiliar with that concept, was explained in issue 2 last year.

Publication of the Bulletin will be very similar to previous years, with a couple of exceptions. This is the first year that the newsletter will be available only as an online publication, without paid subscription by mail being an option. However, we know from your feedback that a printable format is still important to you, so we will continue providing each issue as a downloadable Acrobat PDF file (which you can open and print using free Acrobat Reader software). You'll notice a slightly new look, and this year we will try to include all the color pictures and graphics in the file formatted for printing. We hope this will increase the impact of the articles.

The only other change is scheduling. We will still produce 25 issues, but we have shifted an issue from the spring in favor of one more in the fall. So after the issue you're reading now, issue 2 will be published on April 8 and issue 3 on April 22; then issues will follow weekly until August 12. You can refer to the full schedule any time at

On behalf of all of the contributors to the Bulletin, I again thank you for your support. We hope you find the information that we provide useful for making crop and pest management decisions. We always welcome your feedback about what you see in the fields, as well as any responses to our articles.

I wish you all a happy and safe 2010 crop growing season.--Vince M. Davis

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