No. 23 Article 11/October 9, 2009

Regional Reports

Extension center educators, unit educators, and unit assistants in northern, west-central, east-central, and southern Illinois prepare regional reports to provide more localized insight into pest situations and crop conditions in Illinois. The reports will keep you up to date on situations in field and forage crops as they develop throughout the season. The regions have been defined broadly to include the agricultural statistics districts as designated by the Illinois Agricultural Statistics Service, with slight modifications:

We hope these reports will provide additional benefits for staying current as the season progresses.

East-Central Illinois

Corn and soybean harvest is underway across the area, and with the variations in planting dates and moisture levels, yields are all across the board. Early-harvested corn was coming in with reports of 25% to 30% Diplodia infections. As farmers move into later-planted fields, reports of 2% to 8% are more common.

In the southern part of the region, many of the latest-planted fields appear to be dying prematurely. Many of these fields were planted into very wet soils, had soybean aphid problems, and have received very little rain in the last month. A combination of stresses seems to be the cause. No major disease is apparent.

Northern Illinois

Early-maturity soybean harvest began slowly lastt weekend, but the wet weather beginning on October 6 has halted everything. Some silage has been harvested. Overall, only minimal harvest has occurred. A great deal of corn throughout the northern region has not reached black layer.

According to the Illinois State Water Survey, from May 15 to October 3 at DeKalb there are 2,187 accumulated growing degree-days (GDD), which is 382 behind the 11-year average. Using Freeport data, from May 15 to October 3 there are 2,278 accumulated GDD, or 311 behind the 11-year average. Growers interested in using the survey's GDD calculator can input their own planting dates and choose the closest weather station to compute GDD at

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