No. 23 Article 4/October 9, 2009

Fall-Applied Herbicides

The practice of applying herbicides in the fall specifically to control winter annual weed species has gained popularity across many areas of Illinois over the past decade. No-till fields, particularly in central and southern Illinois, often have robust weed growth before spring planting when early preplant or burndown herbicide applications are delayed. Interest has thus grown in the practice of attempting to control fall-emerging weeds soon after crop harvest.

University of Illinois weed scientists, like researchers across many other midwestern states, have investigated the efficacy of fall-applied herbicides for control of winter annual weed species. Our trials have ranged from northern to southern Illinois, beginning during the fall of 1999 and continuing into this fall. Having examined many aspects, concepts, and products or product combinations during these years, we offer the following points to consider:

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