No. 22 Article 1/September 4, 2009

AG Masters Conference--Mark Your Calendars for December 1 and 2

On December 1 and 2, the first AG Masters Conference will be conducted at the University of Illinois I Conference Center on St. Mary's Road, just across the street from Assembly Hall. By design, this conference will be a significant departure from the Crop Protection Technology Conference (aka Agricultural Pesticides Conference, Custom Spray Operators' Training School). The program will consist of two distinct parts, each with its own registration. The first day (Tuesday) will provide many speakers in a large general session atmosphere, including these:

Following the presentations, several mixers will be available for attenders to discuss the day 1 information with friends and colleagues. This will provide a great opportunity to interact with the speakers and get any unresolved questions answered. The advance registration fee for the December 1 session is $135, which includes lunch, refreshments, and a program proceedings. The fee for registering on-site will be $175.

The program on December 2 will feature eight different 2-hour advanced sessions, with participants able to sign up for four of these classroom-style intensive instruction options. Registration for day 2 will be strictly first-come, first-served, with enrollment limited to 120. Topics and presenters on day 2 include the following:

The advanced sessions on day 2 (Wednesday) will be just that--advanced. Each session will last 2 hours in a classroom setting. Instructors will present challenging information--be ready to review and interpret the latest data concerning these hot topics! Enrollment will be limited to 30 per class. Again, a policy of first-come, first-served will be upheld. Each advanced session will be offered twice. A registration fee of $235 will be charged for the second day. If you register for both days, the total advance registration fee will be $350.

We will start accepting online registrations by mid-September. Before that begins, I will send an electronic alert to readers of the Bulletin who are registered to receive e-mail notification of new issues. The co-chairs of the AG Masters Conference (Carl Bradley, Vince Davis, Aaron Hager, Sandy Osterbur, and myself) are excited about this new event and believe it will offer unique features for all participants. We look forward to support and participation from the readers of the Bulletin.--Mike Gray

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