No. 12 Article 6/June 11, 2004

Soybean Aphids Detected in Widely Scattered Iowa Soybean Fields

Soybean aphids have been found in soybean fields in some areas of Iowa. On June 8, Matt O'Neal, an entomologist with Iowa State University (ISU), reported that he discovered 7 aphids (1winged and 6 wingless) after careful examination of 1,080 soybean plants. The aphids were found in research plots located near the ISU campus. Matt indicated that he has been unable to find any aphids on buckthorn plants this spring. In addition to these observations, Brian Lang, ISU field crop specialist, has reported finding limited numbers of soybean aphids on soybean plants near Decorah, in northeastern Iowa. Larger densities of soybean aphids also have been reported in at least one soybean field in southeastern Iowa, near Mediapolis. To date, we have not confirmed any soybean aphid infestations in Illinois; however, we anticipate this will follow shortly. --Mike Gray

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