No. 13 Article 9/June 19, 2009

First Sighting of Japanese Beetle Adult this Season

On June 18, Kelly Estes and Joe Spencer, both entomologists with the Illinois Natural History Survey, observed a Japanese beetle adult in Champaign County. Last season, Ron Hines (FS seed agronomist, southern region, Growmark) reported capturing Japanese beetles for the first time on June 10. The trap was located much further to the south in Franklin County. Over the next several weeks, we will witness Japanese beetle densities begin to increase across most areas of the state. Due to the late planting of soybeans in many fields this season, plants are much smaller at this time of the year than normal and should be monitored for any signs of excessive defoliation. Japanese beetle adults tend to concentrate in end rows of both corn and soybean fields and any treatment decision should take this behavior into account. Japanese beetle adults are primarily an economic threat to corn when they feed excessively on silks--something to monitor later this summer. For now--the Japanese beetle "season" is underway.--Mike Gray

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