No. 13 Article 2/June 19, 2009

New Report on GM Crops Available: Significant Economic and Environmental Impacts Achieved by Farmers Since Mid-1990s

A report titled GM Crops: Global Socio-economic and Environmental Impacts 1996-2007 was published in May by Graham Brookes and Peter Barfoot, PG Economics Ltd., United Kingdom. The full document (128 pages) is available at (Adobe PDF). The report provides a thorough global analysis and review of the socioeconomic and environmental impacts made by transgenic crops since their commercial introduction. Below are some highlights from the "Executive Summary and Conclusions" that begins on page 7.

I encourage readers of the Bulletin to review this impressive report. My very brief summary here barely skims the surface. In short, the benefits, both economic and environmental, that have taken place since the commercialization of transgenic crops are very impressive and are of increasing global significance. Continuing stewardship (adherence to resistant management protocols and use of refuges) of these transgenic crops to prevent the evolution of resistant pests is paramount in securing the longevity of this technology.--Mike Gray

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