No. 12 Article 13/June 12, 2009

EPA Revokes All Tolerances for Carbofuran--Labeled Uses May Continue Throughout 2009

This article shall serve as an addendum to the one published in the Bulletin on June 10, 2009 (see below) regarding carbofuran. Although the revocation of tolerances for carbofuran will be effective on August 13, 2009, distributors and retailers may continue to sell carbofuran and farmers may use this insecticide according to label instructions until December 31, 2009. Crops treated with carbofuran after January 1, 2010 cannot enter the marketplace. FMC intends to challenge the EPA's revocation of tolerances for carbofuran.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently revoked all tolerances for carbofuran. This insecticide is most commonly used across the Corn Belt as Furadan 4F and recently has gained the interest of some producers as a refuge treatment for corn rootworm control. On occasion, this formulation also has been used as a rescue treatment for corn rootworms. According to the Federal Register (May 15, 2009, Vol. 74, Number 93), the EPA has concluded "that the risk from aggregate exposure from the use of carbofuran does not meet the safety standard of section 408(b) (2) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA)." This final ruling becomes effective on August 13, 2009. Any written objections or requests for a hearing must be received on or before July 14, 2009. For additional information about this ruling, please review the Federal Register article.--Mike Gray

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