No. 12 Article 1/June 11, 2004

Reporting Information to the Entomologists

During the summer months, the three entomologists who regularly write articles for the Bulletin often are not in their offices at the same time. As we have indicated before, your reports are valuable contributions for our articles, and we want to make certain that your observations are shared with as many people as possible. We would therefore ask that when you send observations or reports to an entomologist (me, Mike Gray, or Kelly Cook), please inform all of us. For example, if I happen to be traveling and cannot contribute articles to the Bulletin during a given week, reports sent only to me may not be available for Mike or Kelly and may not see the light of day until the following week. And as you know, timeliness is the key to staying ahead or abreast of developing insect infestations. So, in the To: field of your e-mail message, type in,, and to let us all know about the fun you are having. We also can share the photos that many of you send. Thanks, and keep the reports coming. We greatly appreciate your support. --Kevin Steffey

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